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By James Daniels, Attorney - Thursday, March 29, 2018


After settling their contract was rendered impossible by the Employer's numerous demands for financial and benefit-time concessions, that Perry County FOP unit went to interest arbitration for the first time and won a stunning upset, winning almost every issue and defending or increasing almost every term in their contract that was under attack. They won four years of wage increases of .50, .54, .56, and .60/hr; fended off proposals that would have critically weakened their health care by conceding to pay a mere $15/month for their premiums; increased their personal days from 4 to 6 per year; clarified their 12-hr shift schedules, and added an extra three years to the clerical longevity scale. Some minor restrictions on benefit-time accrual will be applied to new-hires, but in the meantime the unit can be proud of the fact that it successfully defended its contract against the Employer's best attempts at reversing the past decade's many gains.