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By Keith Turney, Field Representative - Friday, January 12, 2018


Negotiations for Will County Probation Officers and Clerical Employees was laborious to say the least.  Bargaining team members met over the course of nearly a year in an attempt to hammer out an agreement.  Negotiations at times got contentious as our bargaining team members fought for every potential advantage at the bargaining table. Ultimately, we struck a deal that was monumentally beneficial for Labor Council Members.

For the first time, probation officers and clerical will be able to receive overtime pay rather than compensatory time.  (capped at twenty hours annually). Starting and ending times were formalized in the contract. Pay ranges were expanded and 22% pay raises will occur over the life of the five year agreement. A Bilingual Stipend of $500.00 annually will be provided to Spanish speaking officers.  All members received a $500.00 signing bonus.

Field Representative Keith Turney was quoted as saying; “The bargaining team of Dan Raub, Delores Brittain, Peter Bullock; led by Chief Steward Tom Corsi put together a great package for their members. They were a pleasure to work with because they worked so diligently on the contract”.