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By Keith Turney, Field Representative - Friday, January 12, 2018


The Illinois FOP Labor Council, representing Livingston County Correctional Officers, Court Security Offices and Secretarial Staff entered into negotiations with two open insurance grievances that accused the employer of unilaterally changing insurance benefits without negotiating such changes.  After exchanging proposals on day one there were some 40 outstanding issues that both sides needed to resolve. Needless to say; there were ill feelings on each side of the bargaining table and emotions were tense.

The County had adopted a rather unusual stance, taking into consideration that they were under no financial hardship; cuts, cuts and more cuts. ILFOPLC Representative Keith Turney was quoted as saying: “To the union’s advantage, we had a seasoned bargaining team who were well up to the challenge of what proved to be a long and arduous negotiations. Jason Durham, Kyle Fever, Don Niles, Brian McGrath and Beth Limberg worked tirelessly at the table. The County on the other hand had a crew of representatives that we had little experience working with.  It was tough going until we eventually gained the trust of the other side. Once that trust was established, (after nearly 12 months of continuous negotiations) we easily reached a deal.” 

And a good deal it was!  An accelerated grievance procedure was put into place.  Time due can now be taken in one-hour increments, and a medical allowance which was often underutilized was converted into a yearly stipend for all current employees. In exchange for increases to the percent of insurance premium paid and the dropping of grievances, a twenty-five step pay plan was condensed to six steps; after which a 2% per year was applied to the base for the last two years of the contract. Dramatic and well deserved wage increases will be realized by members throughout the life of the contract.