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By Gary Bailey, Attorney - Thursday, January 11, 2018


Kendall County Deputy Sergeants ratified a new four-year collective bargaining agreement.

Contract talks slowed when the deputies filed for interest arbitration.  The deputies won the issues of duration (3-year deal rather than the 4-year deal sought by the County) and wages (3.0% each year).

The Sergeants met after the deputies' award issued and the County re-iterated its desire for a four-year deal.  The Sergeants agreed to a fourth year, with wage increases of 3.0% each and every year.

In addition, the Sergeants agreed to revamp the grievance procedure and seniority provisions.  The twelve-hour shift schedule was incorporated into the new contract.  Revisions to health insurance were bargained.

Mark Bunting, Scott Moran and Brian Jahp constituted the bargaining team when the process concluded.  Jose Villagrana and Jason Langston also served on the bargaining team during these negotiations.  Congratulations to them on a fine job!