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By IL FOP Labor Council, Staff - Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Troopers Lodge 41, Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge and Labor Council, and Police Benevolent & Protective Association Endorse Senator McCann

            SPRINGFIELD/JACKSONVILLE – The Illinois Troopers Lodge 41, Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) State Lodge and Labor Council, and the Illinois Police Benevolent and Protective Association (PB&PA) of Illinois have all endorsed Senator Sam McCann for re-election in Senate District 50. Senator McCann, a Republican, has served our communities since 2011.

            "Senator McCann has always been there for State Troopers on law enforcement issues,” said Illinois Troopers Lodge 41 President Joe Moon. “He knows us, he knows the district, and he strongly and capably represents his constituents and all public sector employees.”

            “For years, Senator Sam McCann has shown strength and resiliency representing our communities in Springfield,” said FOP State Lodge President Chris Southwood. “Senator McCann has shown that the men and women that wear the uniform and protect and serve our citizens can depend on him to support their efforts.”

            “Senator Sam McCann is one of the good guys. During elections, we see and hear a lot of promises to support law enforcement. It’s nice, but when it comes to fighting for the rank and file law enforcement officer, Senator McCann’s record shows that it isn’t just talk, it's action,” said FOP Labor Council Executive Director David Wickster. “We support Senator McCann because of his support of law enforcement.”

           “Since Senator McCann is regularly in the communities throughout his district, from Springfield, Jacksonville, and Jerseyville to Pittsfield and Carrollton, he knows first-hand the struggles within our communities,” said Illinois PB&PA Director Sean Smoot. “He further understands the unique needs of those in law enforcement and works hard to ensure the safety of our officers and the public.”

            “To have the support of all of law enforcement during this campaign is both humbling and extremely important to me. I do my best to travel the district so that I know what is occurring. From Sangamon and Morgan County, to Jersey and Pike County along the Mississippi River, the problems facing our citizens and those that protect and serve us vary,” said Senator McCann. “For the men and women who protect and serve us, the least I can do is to help them do their job and make our communities safer.”

            Senator McCann lives in Plainview and is the owner and president of McCann Construction in Carlinville. Sam and his wife, Vicki, have a son, Trayton, and a daughter, Katherine. Senator McCann has served in the Illinois Senate since January 2011. He currently serves on the Agriculture, Environment & Conservation, Higher Education, Local Government, and Public Health Committees.