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By Dave Nixon, Field Representative - Monday, December 4, 2017


Three-year agreement with ABI increases of 1.5% in each year of the contract; also market adjustments to base wages of .5% yr 1, .75% yr 2 and .5% yr 3.  Investigator pay was increased to total of $1,200 annually.  Insurance premium cost-sharing percentages increased but were capped at $83 yr 1, $100 yr 2 and $125 yr 3.  Other changes included providing od duty weapons; relaxed time-off considerations when staffing reduced by deputies on military leave; comp-time accrual increase, an increase in the weapons loan program; and additional clarification changes.  The local team was headed by J R Meeker who was assisted by Christopher Darr, Dave Sherrick, Dwayne Roelfs, and Andrew Good.  Field Representative David Nixon also assisted the local team.

By Michael Powell, Field Representative - Monday, December 4, 2017


Secured an initial contract that protected many existing benefits and expanded compensatory time earning limits, vacation time and improved the sick and bereavement leave benefit.  Four year term with 2.5% COLA each year and a 1% performance increase each of the years.  Agreed to a modest insurance increase in year three.


By Mark Russillo, Field Representative - Monday, December 4, 2017


Sherman Officers and Sergeants have settled a three-year initial agreement with increases totaling 10.5%.  They now have choice of venue on discipline and have retained Employer payment of 100% of single insurance coverage.  In addition, they each received a $250 merit bonus.  The bargaining committee members Sergeant Aaron Entringer, Officer Ryan Howard, Officer John Turasky and Officer Jesse Schmillen were assisted by Field Representative Mark Russillo.


By Pete Balderas, Field Representative - Monday, December 4, 2017


Kaylee Boman and Aaron Brown assisted Pete Balderas in the negotiations of the successor Contract.  They were determined not to leave the table without a real wage and a new overtime and on-call language.  Not only were they instrumental in acquiring both, they also were able to keep the same percentages on insurance as was in their previous Contract.  GREAT TEAM!!

By James Daniels, Attorney - Monday, December 4, 2017


"The Sangamon County Deputy negotiating team withstood the Employer's two-year attempt to roll back various benefits, and finally resolved the Contract with wage increases that superseded both the regional average and the rate of inflation.  They also clarified various terms which had been problematic in the previous contract term, all the while advocating for the best deal for the membership as a whole.  They are to be congratulated for their professionalism, practicality, and solidarity."

By Gary Bailey, Attorney - Monday, November 13, 2017


At mediation, the team secured 2.0% wage increases in each year of the 3-year deal, with no increases to health insurance contributions.  This represents a better first year wage increae than most other unions in Village were able to secure.  We addressed comp time issues and agreed to drug/alcohol testing for officer-involved shootings before the new Illinois law passed.  Mike Hynek, Erik Morey, Mike Lazowski were joined mid-negotiations by Tony Crtis and Kyle Smith after two original bargaining team members filed for duty-disability pensions.  Tony and Kyle caught up quickly and the entire team should be commended for resolving this new contract.