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By Russ Vogt, Field Representative - Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hats off to the Bargaining team!  The University of Illinois (Chicago) Sergeants and Lieutenants recently settled a five (5) year contract, through Arbitration.  Throughout the negotiations the demeanor of both parties was amiable, although with all of the perseverance and determination put forth by both parties, in reaching an Agreement at the bargaining table, it was to no avail.  There were agreements on posting of schedules and uniform allowance amounts, nevertheless the wage issue and structure thereof could not be reached.  Therefore, the wages were submitted to Arbitration for determination.  An award was issued setting the structure and wage amounts, of which the arbitrator determined that neither the University’s offer nor the Union’s offer was reasonable, however, the arbitrator found the final offer of the Union should be preferred, “principally because whatever damage it may do is easier to repair in future negotiations”.  Bargaining Team: Philip Brooks, Eric Hersey, Jason Huertas, Jake Mielnik, Thomas Phillips and Ram Wardanian (Retired), assisted in Arbitration by Attorney Gary Bailey and Field Representative Russ Vogt.