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By Jerry Lieb, Field Representitive - Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The Attorney General Investigators complete negotiations for their four year agreement. With the current economic position of the State of Illinois, the team went through difficult negotiations which ended in interest arbitration.  Prior to the interest arbitration, the Employer unilaterally froze the members at their current step and denied the anniversary step increase.  The matter was brought to grievance arbitration and the Union's grievance was sustained and the Employer ordered to honor the anniversary step advancement.

The Employers position throughout the negotiations was both a wage freeze and no longevity movement during the four year deal. The final result was the addition of another set of BDU uniforms and four years of wage increases of 1%, 1% 1.25% and 1.5% bringing top pay to $95,580.

The bargaining team of Eric Cooper, Eddie Gamble Tom Berola and Tom Symenski was assisted in both the grievance and interest arbitration by IL FOP Labor Council Field Representative Jerry Lieb and Attorney James Daniels.