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By James Weathers, Attorney - Tuesday, January 15, 2013


After 2-1/2 years of bargaining and on the verge of interest arbitration, the ILFOP Labor Council and the City of Fairview Heights came to an agreement on a sucessor contract.  The terms include the Unit being compensated for briefing time already required by the department, adding 36 hours of pay per member beginning in the first year of the agreement, a 2% wage increase for the second and third year, and 2.75% in an added fourth year.  The Unit will also receive an additional 2% in a new 25 year step effective May 1, 2011, holiday time will be rolled into members base pay and Field Training Officers will receive an increase of $1.00 per hour.  Additionally, the members will receive one bereavement day for the death of an aunt, uncle, first cousin, nephew and niece; and an increase to the compensatory time accrual.  The bargaining team members were Tony Flinn, Jeff Blair, James Mason, Neil Rohlfing and Dan Hoffrath, assisted by Labor Council Attorney John Weathers.