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By Dave Nixon, Field Representative - Tuesday, January 15, 2013


A two year agreement was reached with the Henry County Sheriff/Henry County Board and Henry County FOP #206 (Unit I Deputies and Unit II Correctional Deputies and Telecommunicators).  The agreement calls for a 5% increase in wages over two years, as well as increases to the sergeant pay, TC supervisor pay, firearms instructor pay, K-9 officer pay, and evidence technician pay.  The parties negotiated a 12-hour work schedule.  Sick leave accumulated was diminished from 2 days per month to one day per month.  Current employees who have more than 1920 hours of sick time at the time of their retirement will have the excess converted to a line item for payment of retiree health insurance premiums.  Vacation allotment was increased as part of the agreement, so long as the member sontinue to work the 12-hour schedule.  The holiday benefit was modified to provide for employees to receive 96 hours of vacation time paid at the end of November annually; in addition employees with receive time and one-half for working on four specified holidays. The employer agreed to provide ballistic protection vests for deputies, and ocrrectional officers who transport prisoners.  The negotiations committee members are Jon Hornback, Ben Schnerre, Lori Hess, Greg Strandberg, Scott Raley and Kathy Kell.  They were assisted by IL FOP Field Representative, Dave Nixon.