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By Dave Nixon, Field Representative - Thursday, December 27, 2012


A five year agreement was reached between the City of Rock Island and the Labor Council/FOP 57 Patrol officers and Detectives unit.  The agreement calls for 10.25% in wage increases over five years. The unit also achieved an increase in the residency area to 30 miles; the arbitration of disciplinary action greater than a five day suspension (five days or less still is appealed through the Fire and Police Commission, but the Commission can not increase the suspension): beginning in April 2013, holiday compensation of time and one-half for working on specified holidays; minor changes to patrol vacation schedule; and changes in how plain clothes officers are provided their clothing allowance.

 The agreement also resolves the issue of take-home vehicles for detectives and the school resource officer.  Take home cars became an issue when the City unilaterally took away the vehicles from the detectives and high school liaison officer while negotiations were in progress.  New language memorializes the take home vehicle policy and resolved a ULP which was filed by the Labor Council after the cars were taken away.  The local committee of Jeffery Morrissey, Jeffery Collins, Sean Roman, Matt Franks, Mike Wood and Paul Girskis were assisted by Field Representative David Nixon and Staff Attorneys Gary Bailey and John Roche.