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By Russ Vogt, Field Representative - Monday, July 25, 2016


Congratulations to the CCFPD Patrol bargaining team consisting of Unit President Julio Irizarry with Jimmy Carrillo, Vince Price, Christopher Roy and Tyler Sapp.  The team is to be commened for all of their off-duty hours spent in attendance of the team meetings, formulating proposals and counter them, as well.  A special note of thanks goes to Chris Roy.  With all of his medical issues, he still found a way to participate in every step of the process.  He felt compelled to do so, as he was a participant in the other prior negotiations, and felt he could lend an experienced helping hand.  Another note of thanks goes to Gregory Serratore for his K-9 input.  Although the negotiations were strained at times, the parties were able to put aside their differences and with some give-and-take by both parties, a five (5) year Agreement was achieved.  Officer Irizarry is to be applauded for his perserverance, hard work and dedication to the process, as well, of which he additionally was instrumental in the implementation of the new schedule and the structuring of the benefit accruals.  He and administration worked hand-in-hand to accomplish this daunting task.  Success was the ultimate reward making the transition almost seamless.  This achievement demonstrates that partnering roles, rather than adversarial, are the attributes in attaining a common goal.  In this case, a fair and equitable Agreement for both parties.