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By Jerry Lieb, Field Representitive - Friday, December 21, 2012


The Illinois FOP Labor Council didn't sit still when in October of 2011 the St. Clair County Sheriff sent out a memo to his command staff ordering them to alter each employees work schedule to attend a 12 hour mandatory training day. The memo included a directive to alter the schedules of the employees to avoid the payment of overtime. When the schedules were altered, employees in both the Deputies and Corrections bargaining units had their days off split as well as night shift employees having to attend he daytime training sessions.

Both bargaining units filed grievances which were eventually resolved through the grievance arbitration process. During the process of moving to the hearing, the Employer repeated the schedule altering three more times prior to receiving a decision  which put in to question 48 hours of training scheduled on officers off-duty days. The arbitrator ruled in favor of the FOP Labor Council and ordered the Employer to pay each employee for the days spent in training on their off-duty time at the appropriate rate. This decision affected approximately 95 employees in the two bargaining units at a cost to the Employer estimated to be in excess of $100,000.

Both units were assisted by Staff Attorney James Daniels and Field Representative Jerry Lieb. Staff Attorney Bill Jarvis presented the grievance before the arbitrator.