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By Gary Bailey, Attorney - Thursday, December 13, 2012


Police Officers and Police Sergeants in the Town of Cicero were happy to receive their respective interest arbitration awards.  These two separate units negotiate separate contracts, but both units were forced to go to interest arbitration when talks broke down over identical issues.

 Arbitrator Lisa S. Kohn issued her award covering the Patrol Officer Unit and ruled in favor of the union on all five issues: Duration, Wages, Health Insurance, Sick Leave Buy-Back and Drug Testing.  The Unit now has a three-year contract, with wages of 2.0% each year (fully retro).  The Town sought three take-backs, but the Arbitrator ordered no changes to health insurance (still 100% paid by the Town), sick leave buy back or drug testing.

Twelve hours after the Patrol Award issued, Arbitrator Dick Stanton issued an identical award for the Police Sergeants.  Arbitrator Stanton had to resolve one additional issue for the Sergeants, who have a provision in their agreement which provides for an automatic wage increase for Sergeants if the difference between top Patrol pay and starting Sergeants’ pay falls below 10.0%.  The Town sought to reduce this differential but Arbitrator Stanton rejected the proposed change.

Field Representative Pete Balderas services the Patrol Unit.  Attorney Gary Bailey services the Sergeant Unit.  It should be noted that discussions over the police officers making payments toward the cost of health insurance premiums reached impasse when the Town would not impose any co-payments on its non-union employees.