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By Dave Nixon, Field Representative - Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The Belleville Police and Sergeants reached a four-year contract with the City of Belleville. The agreement which provides wage increases 6% over the term of the agreement and also ends the previous residency requirement for officers. The new residency requirement allows officers to reside outside the city limits but inside St. Clair County.

The agreement also provides new language for the calculation of overtime; a reduction in the compensatory time accrual limit to 96 hours; compensation language for the day light saving time; new fitness for duty testing language which requires the employee subjected to be told the reasons for such testing; changes in the way ballistic protection vests are provided; new initial issue uniforms for new hires (previously new hires were required to purchase their uniforms at their initial expense); an increase in FTO compensation; new provisions establishing acting sergeant pay; and refinements made to the overtime distribution policy.

The local committee consisted of Mark Stuhlsatz, Shane Brown, Bill Herling and Chris Mattingly. The team was assisted by Field Representative David Nixon.