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By Gary Bailey, Attorney - Thursday, October 1, 2015


Elmwood Park Officers, Sergeants, Lieutenants and Commanders have a new three-year agreement.  The contract was resolved just four months after it had expired.

Regarding wages, the first year increase of 2.5% is fully retroactive to May 1, 2015.  Wages in years two and three (1.5% and 1.5%) mirror the increases agreed to by the firefighters.  FTO pay was increased and two new specialty positions will receive annual stipends.

A reopener for health insurance was agreed upon, in order to deal with the selection of plans if issues regarding the “Cadillac tax” surface on the plans in place in 2018.  An aggressive schedule for negotiating (and arbitrating, if necessary) 2018 changes to health insurance was part a pivotal part of this agreement.

In addition, officers will now have the choice of disputing disciplinary actions through the grievance procedure or through the Board of Fire and Police Commission.  Officers will also have the choice to take their court pay in compensatory time or cash.

 Concerns over GPS tracking of squad cars was the impetus for proposing (and securing) a “Technology Committee”, where union and management representatives can meet to discuss the potential implementation of new equipment at the workplace.

The Union Bargaining Team, comprised of Jason Marchi, Chris Pankey and Anthony Alequin, did an outstanding job of resolving many issues and balancing the interests among the various ranks of the unit.