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By Doug Crawford, Field Representative - Thursday, September 10, 2015


Menard County Deputies and Corrections/TC's opened negotiations in the fall of 2013.  Negotiations occurred until impasse, after which the parties proceeded to arbitration. Although several tentative agreements had been reached, including relaxed residency, improved sick leave cap and an agreement on the new health plan, the impasse issues were insurance premium contributions for employee coverage and wages.  Although all other Menard County employees are paying 30% for single premiums, the bargaining unit had not been paying any premium costs.  The parties had an arbitration hearing; however, the arbitrator later contacted the parties and resigned from the case citing serious health issues.  Another arbitrator was selected. He ruled on the case, awarding the Employer 7.5% insurance premium contributions they were seeking.  The bargaining unit prevailed on the wage issue, at 2.75% each year of a four year term.  Deputy Terry Whitley and Corrections Officer Kyle Hopp represented the unit, assisted by Labor Council Field Representative Doug Crawford. The arbitrations was handled by Labor Council Staff Attorney James Daniels.