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By Shawn Roselieb, Field Representative - Thursday, July 23, 2015


The Fulton Police Officers and Sergeants recently reached a settlement through mediation on a three year Successor Agreement. The Unit is very busy and they have a very committed group of guys who serve their community.  The Team brought a lot of excitement to negotiations.  During one negotiation session, a Team Member had to leave to assist on a serious crash, and was involved in a separate serious crash himself when a driver failed to yield the right-of-way.  He was taken to the hospital for injuries suffered in the crash.  He showed back up hours later after being released to continue negotiations. His dedication to his Brothers is admirable.

They bargained for wages of 4.75%, 3.75% and 3.5%  They added a step after 15 years of service at $750 above the previous step.  The members gave a concession on health insurance which increases their monthly premiums to 10% for the members for the duration of the Agreement, and 15% for family coverage beginning May 1, 2015, 20% May 1, 2016 and 25% May 1, 2017.  They had previously paid no premium for members and $60/month for family coverage.

The Negotiating Team should be commended for their efforts.  The Team consisted of Jeremy Leitzen, Casey Simpson and Dwayne Hamilton.  They were assisted by Field Representatives Shawn Roselieb and Mike Powell.