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By Russ Vogt, Field Representative - Thursday, June 4, 2015


A tip-of-the-hat and a congratulatory bow to the bargaining team, consisting of Mike Boothe, Shawn Cochrane, William Gallagly, Matthew Harling, Laurie Hart, Jarret Loofboro, Kirk Phillips, Charles Schutz and Shane Whitehead are in order.  Taking into consideration, the state of the economy as it relates to the County and its citizens and the administration's  responsibility to them, the team was able to negotiate a three year Agreement consisting of fair and equitable annual wage increases for each of the three years, in conjunction with the adjustment to the Sergeants wage scale, making it more competitive with comparable Departments.  Additionally, vacation accruals were increased allowing certain personnel, with the requisite amount of tenure, to receive vacation one year earlier than the previous Agreement, along with market adjustments to insurance premiums, a newly added vision plan and minor insurance benefit level changes.  All partificpants in the process are to be commended for their hard work and dedication in attaining this new Agreement.