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By Keith Turney, Field Representative - Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Sergeants in the Village of Bourbonnais are well respected by the public they serve as well as the administration that they work for.  Negotiations are usually non-confrontational and an air of friendliness surrounds talks as the sides attempt to truly problem solve issues.  That was the case during recent negotiations when it was determined that the Sergeants pay gap over top patrol officer was diminishing.  To rectify the situation an approximate 9% equity adjustment was implemented 6 months into the contract. Additional cost of living adjustments equated to 10% over the four year duration of the contract.  Additional benefit increases were adjustments to bereavement leave and sick leave cash out provisions.

 Keith Turney, Field Representative for the FOP labor Council was quoted as saying; “It’s never easy working through money issues at the bargaining table, however the great relationships that the Sergeants had established with their employer did make a difference in the end”  Negotiating for the Bourbonnais Sergeants was Glenn Nixon, David Suprenant and David Anderson.