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By Mark Russillo, Field Representative - Tuesday, May 12, 2015


DuQuoin Police Department employees recently settled a three year contract with wage increase of 9.5% over the 3 years.  The employees also won a shift differential of $0.15, double time on holidays, seniority shift bidding, expansion of definition of family for bereavement purposes, issuing of City-owned cell phones, expansion of window by which employees may sell back portions of their accrued vacation, an increase in accrued amount of annual sick leave and increase in amount available for employee to sell back upon separation, an increase in the amount of eyeglass replacement (line-of-duty damage) from $150 to $300, and ability to change insured status between single and family coverage.  In return, employees agreed to split increase in employee dependent insurance costs in the third year of the contract. There was also clarification on the length of service bonus as an non-pensionable award and language added for training cost reimbursement to City by employees who separate from City employment less than 3 years from their employed date.  Field Representative Mark Russillo