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By Tamara Cummings, General Counsel - Wednesday, November 21, 2012


 Now that Illinois legislative elections are over, all eyes are on Springfield and on the upcoming veto session which starts next week.   Unlike the regular session, in the veto session, a super majority rather than a simple majority is necessary to pass legislation.  But don’t think for a minute that this means we won’t be seeing interest groups pushing to have legislative agendas passed.

 The reason there is a risk of controversial or unpopular legislation being passed is because this session is a “lame duck” veto session; in other words, legislators who lost their elections may vote on such measures because they are on their way out and no longer have to account to voters.  There are approximately 36 lame ducks who may simply not care anymore.

 Recall that in the last lame duck session two years ago, controversial legislation that reduced pension benefits, increased Illinois income tax, allowed civil unions and repealed the death penalty all managed to pass.  Thus, public pensions, collective bargaining rights and other issues that impact our members are all fair game.

 After the veto session is over, the perfunctory session starts the first week of January and the requirement of a simple majority vote resumes. Remember: Keep an Eye on Springfield and let your elected officials know that you are watching!!!!