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By Dave Nixon, Field Representative - Monday, February 9, 2015


Rock Island County Sheriff's Deputies, Sergeants and Lieutenants have reached a three (3) year contract.  The Agreement calls for  wage increases in the amount of 1% for FY 2014 on 12/1/13 and and additional 1% on 11/20/14; for 2015, a 2% increase on 12/1/14; for FY 2016 a 2% increase on 12/1/15.  The Agreement also calls for the addition of a wage step at year 23 in the amount of 1% above the 20 year step.  Discipline of the Sheriff and that under the jurisdiction of the Merit Commission may now be processed through grievance and arbitration.  An additional day of bereavement leave was negotiated in the event the funeral or memorial service is more than 500 miles from the courthouse. Adjustments were made to the shift selection and vacation scheduling in order to make the process more efficient.  The parties also agreed to make the Good Friday holiday a full day rather than a half day.  The settlement was reached prior to scheduled interest arbitration.  The local labor committee was headed by Jamie Brown, Chairman; other committee members were FOP Lodge 61 President Bill Baney, Tim Gillette, Jerry Foltz, Randy Heisch, Joe Causemaker and Jon Deloose. The committee was assisted by Field Representative David Nixon and Staff Attorneys Gary Bailey and Ryan Hall.