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By Jerry Lieb, Field Supervisor - Thursday, December 11, 2014


The bargaining team did an excellent job on behalf of their unit by achieving a 6% increase over three years to their wage matrix.  In additon to the wages the unit modified its longevity system to 104,000 each year commencing after 5 years, and thereafter to $104 per year for each year after five to after 10 years, and then $208 for each year after ten years through the rest of their career.  This will move top pay to almost $52,000 a year for deputies.

The bargaining unit also added the sergeant to their unit who will receive $3,000 added to the pay and longevity as established for the deputies. The Employer wanted to decrease the number of holidays the deputies could take off so an agreement was reached to provide each deputy with a check for 5% of their annual base pay along with the first paycheck in December of each year in lieu of taking off seven holidays, however, if their regular work day fell on those holidays they still receive time and a half for working on the holiday  This amounts to receiving almost double time pay for those seven holidays.