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By Dave Nixon, Field Representative - Friday, October 31, 2014


The Champaign County Sheriff Deputies and Sergeants units jointly negotiated a 3 year agreement.  The first year of the agreement is 13 months in length, as the County changed its fiscal year from December 1 to January 1.  The contract calls for wage increases of 2% in year one, 2% in year two and 2.75% in year three.  The agreement also calls for increased contributions for employee towards single coverage; beginning with 5% in year one, 8% in year two and toppping off at 10% in year three.The percentage amounts in each year are capped with maximum fixed dollar for the employees.  Employer has also agreed to increase their contributions towards the dependant coverage.  The parties agreed to an experimental 10 hour shift schedule for Investigators.  The parties also agreed to continue discussions on military leave and its impact on staffing and safety as it relates to prisioner transports.  Other minor changes were made to FMLA leave and seniority, call-back, and uniforms and equipment.