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By Dave Nixon, Field Representative - Friday, October 31, 2014


The parties have a 3 year agreement which was the result of an interest arbitration award by Arbitrator Matthew Finkin.  The agreement which covers correctional officers, correctional sergeants and control operators, calls for an across the board increase in the amount of 2.25% for FY 2013, 2.25% for FY 2014 and 2.875% for FY 2015.  In addition to the ABI, correctional officers received a $500 per step market adjustment for CO's with eleven or more years of service.  Mandatory overtime greater than four hours in length, needed to fill staffing vacancies below minimum levels, will now be paid at the double time rate of pay for those overtime hours.  Members also received an increase to their vacation (TOPS) accrual providing for an additional day after 20 years for each year up to 25 years.  Other changes include updated overtime distribution provisions utilizing text messaging, revisions to shift trade language, new safety provisions, tightened sick leave use/abuse requirements, and shift bidding and changes to the grievance procedure.