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By Gary Bailey, Attorney - Thursday, August 7, 2014


After paying the cost of having two consecutive contracts resolved through interest arbitration proceedings, the Village of Morton Grove reached a voluntary settlement for the 2014-2016 agreement.

At mediation, a wage settlement was crafted that added one step to the wage matrix ("After 5 years of service" was added effective January 1, 2015).  Combined with the increases to longevity, the average base salary increases of officers outside the step progression was 7.5% for the term of the agreement.  With these changes to the salary structure, the officers succeeded in their goal of reducing their wage disparity with their surrounding communities.

Slight changes to the health insurance plan were negotiated, as well as some changes to operational issues, which were agreed to by a new Chief of Police.

The team of Mike Mercieri, Mark Atto, Brady Hester and Tim Walsh should get credit for reaching a deal in a place where labor relations has been difficult over the past few years.