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By Dave Nixon, Field Representative - Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The Champaign Co. Sheriff Court Security unit negotiated a three-year Agreement.  The first year of the Agreement is 11 months as the County changed its fiscal year date to January 1.  The contract calls for wage increases of 0.75% in year one, 0.75% in year two and 1% in year three.  The unit members also received a cash bonus of $3,000.  Sergeant pay was increased by 2% in each year of the Agreement.  The Agreement calls for increased contributions towards the dependant coverage.  All new employees hired after the execution of the Agreemnt will not be eligible for SLEP, but rather be covered by regular IMRF.  A duty weapon purchase program was created allowing employees up to $750 towards the purchase of duty weapons; the amount is repaid over a 24 month period.  Other minor changes were made to the workday by increasing the day from eight to eight and one-half hours, with a one-half hour unpaid lunch (allowing the employees to leave the worksite), FMLA leave and seniority.  Negotiation Committee members Michelle Mennenga, Kara Helm and Ken Haluzak were assisted by Labor Council Field Representative Dave Nixon.