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By Shawn Roselieb, Field Representative - Thursday, February 6, 2014


We are very proud of our Telecommunicators in Washington.  While working a reopener of wages and insurance, they agreed to open the entire contract and walked away with a four (4) year Successor Agreement.  In the midst of negotiations, we experienced a “little setback”.  A devastating tornado that ravished 1000 homes and left a major portion of the City of Washington in shambles came to town.  The Telecommunicators worked tirelessly to help get the City back on its feet.  The new four year deal brought a close to a very memorable set of negotiations.

      Under the new Agreement the members will have the opportunity to participate in a newly developed city-wide insurance planning committee which is intended to continue to provide great insurance benefits, while holding the line on costs to the members.  Longevity pay was rolled into the base pay, and four new steps were added to the scale.  The members will see increases of 3% in each of the four years of the Agreement.

      Field Representatives Keith Turney and Shawn Roselieb were assisted by Becky Kumer and Debora Haines.