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By Kimkea Harris, Attorney - Thursday, January 9, 2014


The successor Agreement for the Glendale Heights Officers added an additional step in the grievance process to include the Village Administrator.  The Definition of Family in the Leaves of Absences section was expanded to include civil partner as defined by Illinois law.  Wage increases across the board at 2% retroactive to May 1, 2013 plus an additional .50% on November 1, 2014.

The Officers successfully locked in a two-year wage Agreement which reflected the rate of inflation.  The Team was also able to negotiate a sick leave benefits up to 1000 hours and generous sick leave payouts for all members.  Including an additional sick leave bank for senior members whose current sick leave greatly exceeded 1000 hours, so these members don't lose the accumulted time.  Also the Team was able to negotiate a retirement compensation for all members.  Members also have the option to float up to five (5) days of vacation time within a calendar year.  The Team was also able to make sweeping changes in the Discipline process, which includes internal investigations that must be completed within 45 days of an interrogation and if that is not possible then the member must be provided periodic updates; the creation of the option of a Police Department Discipline Board whose decisions are binding on all parties.  Members also received increase in court time compensation and better procedures in regards to overtime practices.  Bargaining Team members Mike Summerville, Zachary Pugh, Mike Pentacost, Ron Kirstein, Erik Portrfka, Steve Zamiska, and Charles May were assisted by Labor Council Attorney Kimkea' Harris.