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By Dan Mahoney, Attorney - Wednesday, January 8, 2014


After a long, drawn out and sometimes contentious process the Bargaining Team for the Patrol Officers and Sergeants from the Village of Sauk Village recently negotiated a new Collective Bargaining Agreement for their members.  It is a four (4) year agreement that includes a ten percent (10%) wage increase.  Additionally, Sergeants now earn an Administrative Day for time off and an initial uniform allowance upon promotion.  All employees will receive an increase in their uniform allowance and the choice to accept pay or compensatory time for attending court.  They also will see an increase in vacation accrual based on years of service.  Field Training Officers receive an increase in pay while serving in that capacity.  The Bargaining Team of Brad Aguyao, Luis Ayala, Scott Langan, Gary Luke, Christopher Mieszczak and Rebecca Sailsbery were assisted by Kimkea' Harris, Dan Mahoney and Russ Vogt of the IL FOP Labor Council.