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By Joe Kalita, Field Representative - Wednesday, November 20, 2013


After long and difficult bargaining that lasted 2 years, Park Ridge Sergeants have agreed to their initial labor contract with the City of Park Ridge.  This new Agreement will expire in 2015.

The Labor Council and the City were able to finally agree on all issues except for wages. The decision on wages was ultimately placed in the hands of an impartial arbitrator.  Prior to that wage decision, the Council was able to obtain breakthroughs in Longevity Pay, Bilingual Pay and also obtain the ability to grieve all matters of discipline for the Sergeants. The Council further was able to achieve more than double the Sergeant’s stipend for daily preparation pay.

In making his decision on wages, the arbitrator accepted the Labor Council’s proposal of a set wage scale, which was a further breakthrough for the Union.  The proposal of the City for the wage increase in the final year was accepted by the arbitrator.  Over the term of the Agreement, increases for Sergeants, except for the most recently promoted, will range from 10.7 % to 12.85 %.  This is due to the adoption of the seniority based wage scale and the general overall increase of 4.95% over the last two years of the contract.  The arbitrator further agreed to award the Sergeants a cash stipend for 2011, a year in which all over City employees received no additional compensation. Sergeants in Park Ridge at last have reasonably fair wages based on years of service after going without a pay increase since 2008, which was two years before the certification of the Labor Council as their bargaining agent.