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By Jerry Lieb, Field Representative - Monday, October 28, 2013


Recently, it was brought to the attention of the Attorney General’s Office that their Investigators represented by the Illinois FOP Labor Council had accrued compensatory time in excess of the contractual allowances and federal law. When the matter was discussed, it was pointed out that the federal cap for comp-time is 480 hours and that at least one Investigator had in excess of 1100 hours of comp-time on the books.  Initially the employer balked at paying out such huge sums of monies that would go out to pay for the comp-time.  However; the FOP Labor Council pointed out that the Attorney General’s Office had over $800,000.00 available in funds yet to be earmarked.

The Attorney General’s office agreed to buy the comp-time and bought back all hours over 120 for each Investigator. The highest gross check was for $41,000.00 and ranged down to about $8,000.00 for the investigators. The total payout came to a little over $100,000.00. What is refreshing about this resolution is that it was accomplished through good Labor/Management interaction and not through the grievance procedure.  Long time FOP Labor Council Field Representative Jerry Lieb assisted in the successful resolution of this matter.