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By Keith Turney, Field Representative - Monday, September 30, 2013


LaGrange Telecommunicators were granted collective bargaining rights with the Illinois FOP Labor Council in December of 2010.  Early in 2011 the group started formulating proposals to be brought to the bargaining table.  Over the course of the next two and one half years there were many twists and turns at the bargaining table which ultimately resulted in a ratified contract in August of 2013.

Field Representative Keith Turney was quoted as saying; “If one word would typify the attitude of our local representatives at the table; that word would be Tenacity.  Never did the frustrations of dealing with a difficult employer overtake our primary objective of achieving a fair contract for the dedicated telecommunicators of LaGrange.”  And in the end, not a penny was lost as we received retroactivity back to 2011 and implemented a step plan in 2013 that gave additional wage increases to seasoned TCs.  Top step for a LaGrange Telecommunicator is now the neighborhood of $61,000 and at the end of this contract will be in excess of $64,000!

Additionally, telecommunicators now enjoy many of the basic rights that others with union representation have enjoyed for decades, such as the right to grieve adverse actions of their employer; a fair disciplinary procedure, recognition of seniority, a layoff and recall procedure, establishment of a agreed to work schedule, pay for required meeting attendance, eleven paid holidays, twelve sick days a year, bereavement leave, and paid vacation dependant on years of service.