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By Jerry Lieb, Field Representative - Wednesday, June 19, 2013


City of Casey Patrol Officers settle a new Agreement after difficult negotiations.  The bargaining team experienced a problem when they dealt with a stubborn city council who did not want to admit their officers were below their comparables and moved negotiations to impasse over a few thousand dollars difference.  The City even rejected a settlement proposal made by the mediator that was agreed to by the team.

The Chief did his best with his council trying to get them to understand the difference was less than their labor attorney making two trips to their city.  The City responded "it's a matter of principal."

The City in the interim elected a new Mayor who fortunately could not understand why the matter wasn't settled.  The new Mayor provided the Union with an offer that averted the matter going to Interest Arbitration. The bargaining unit agreed to a four year deal and settled for their comp-time cap being increased to 120 hours and their wage matrix was adjusted by 3%, 2.75%, 3% and 3%.  The bargaining team of Chairman Nick Gilbert and Brent Clapp were assisted by IL FOP Labor Council Representative Jerry Lieb and Attorney John Weathers during this process.