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By Keith Turney, Field Representitive - Thursday, May 16, 2013


Once upon a time in the County of Cook there were several brave and noble individuals who insisted on standing up for their rights as well as protecting the rights of those less fortunate than themselves.  And so started the arduous quest for a fair contract and reasonable work rules for Investigators, Senior Investigators and Administrative Assistants working for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office; Office of Professional Regulation.  Not an easy task, these brave individuals withstood the slings and arrows or a bureaucratic labyrinth that those of weaker stature would have surely succumbed to.  From issues on membership; to seniority; to wages; to grievance procedures; to changes in management representatives; to delays brought about by slight of hand tricks fashioned by the employer; this dedicated group stayed the course.  Led by Illinois FOP Labor Council Senior Attorney “Sir Gary Bailey”; members (proven Knights in their own right) Robert Miller, John Kerlin, Jim Farley and Greg Ernst battled their employer at every juncture to guarantee a fair and equitable contract for all; many times holding their war torn group together with sheer determination and bravery. 

While the Cook County Sheriff’s Office merged two separate units into one, no one in management gave much thought to union identity and or collective bargaining provisions.   Of course the Illinois FOP Labor Council did and fought long and hard to represent the newly formed group and merged two differing contracts into one.  An Interest Arbitration resulted in 8.5% wage increases over four years but also accelerated Senior Investigator’s standing well above that.  Additional guarantees were granted to Administrative Aids who are now considered an integral part of the union.  ILFOP Labor Council Field Representative Keith Turney was quoted as saying “This group is a pleasure to work with because they get it.  The totally understand the basic tenants of trade unionism and are willing to put forth the efforts to guarantee that their group as a whole benefits from the negotiations process.  This was not an easy process and I owe a note of gratitude to my colleague Richard Stomper who started off with the group and got them established on the right foot.  Of course, if it wasn’t for the legal skills of Gary Bailey, none of our triumphs would have been possible”.

As the contract is already expired, the battle continues.  But this time it’s the employer who will be feeling the pain of battle because our membership is much more skilled in the tactics of negotiations and have learned a great deal from their past crusade.  So bring it on!