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By Tamara Cummings, General Council - Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The Labor Council is pleased to announce that the Calumet City Patrol Officers, Sergeants, Lieutenants and Captains have amicably reached a two year agreement with the City of Calumet City. The agreement lasts from 5/1/12 to 4/30/14.

The Agreement provides for a total of 6.0% in wage increases for all officers over the life of the contract, not including step increases. Further, the current longevity stipend was replaced with four additional longevity steps: after 25 years (40%), after 26 years (27%), after 28 years (40%) and after 29 years (27%).  In exchange for the wage and longevity increases, the bargaining team agreed to pay $50.00 more per month for HMO insurance, each year of the agreement.

The bargaining team was also able to achieve additional rights in disciplinary investigations and during the promotional process, as well as clarification regarding seniority during unpaid leaves of absence and the deadline for payment of retro checks.

Tamara Cummings assisted the bargaining team which consisted of Mitch Growe, Kevin Rapacz, Jeff McBrayer, Michael Serrano, Lou Picicco, Casey Erickson and Mo Plavsa.