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By Tamara Cummings, General Counsel - Friday, April 19, 2013


The Labor Council is pleased to announce that the Naperville Patrol Officers have reached a three year agreement with the City of Naperville. The agreement lasts from 5/1/12 to 4/30/15.

The Agreement provides for a total of 6.0% in wage increases for all officers over the life of the contract, not including step increases. Further, experience pay was increased by several hundred dollars for officers at the 10 and 15 year steps.   By the end of the agreement, most officers will be earning just under $100,000.00 in pensionable income.

The bargaining team was also able to achieve significant enhancements to officers’ VEBA accounts established for post retirement health care costs.  For example, upon retirement, officers can now contribute up to 960 hours sick leave into the account, up from 720 hours.  If officers choose to sell back sick time, 4 hours of that sold back time will not count against the 960 maximum.  Further, officers’ annual maximum contribution of leave time went from 32 to 40 hours, and for those officers who contribute comp time into the account, 40 hours of comp time can now be “parked” outside of the 60 hour comp time maximum to use towards VEBA.

The team also made other gains in leave time, obtaining two (2) additional floating holidays and an increase in the amount of vacation hours that can be cashed out.   The contract also contains a new overtime provision that mandates the payment of 2 hours of overtime pay if an overtime assignment is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

Significantly, the bargaining team was able to defer ANY increases in insurance premium contributions until late 2014, and plan design changes until early 2014, despite the fact that nearly every other City employee has already experienced these changes.

The bargaining team also worked diligently with management to achieve non economic improvements too numerous to list here. Tamara Cummings assisted the bargaining team which consisted of Vince Clark, Mike Caruso, Ken Gettemy, Tom Sheehan and Jason Zbrozek.