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By Gary Bailey, Attorney - Monday, April 1, 2013


Downers Grove Police Officers have executed a new collective bargaining agreement.  Wage increases of 2%, 2% and 1% will move top pay to over $91,000 by the end of the contract.  Language was added to incorporate the understandings of how the Lodge VEBA plan should be administered.  Few other changes were needed to maintain the stability of this solid agreement.

In a side agreement, the parties agreed that the officers will work an experimental 12-hour patrol shift in 2014.  The experimental shift agreement expires after a year and patrol shifts will revert to 8-hour shifts in 2015 unless the parties come to a new agreement to extend (or modify) the experiment.

The bargaining team included some veteran negotiators: Andy Blalock, Russ Rau, Jeremy Thayer and April Miller, along with first-timers Jeff DeZur, Jeff Giermann and Brian Mitera.  A Shift Schedule Committee, a separate group from the Negotiating Committee, did most of the heavy lifting with regard to the 12-hour day schedule.  But the final results from both committees melded together for a final ratification vote.  Attorney Gary Bailey served as the chief negotiator.