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By Russ Vogt, Field Representative - Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Boone County Corrections Officers' bargaining unit recently settled a three year Agreement, after 2-1/2 years of negotiations and ultimately with the assistance of an Arbitrator through interest arbitration.  The parties worked diligently throughout the process to reach an Agreement, to no avail. Although a number of issues were resolved through the negotiation process, at the end of the day, wages remained the sticking point.  With the aid of an Arbitrator, the wage issue was resolved through hearing.  The increases were not of which were expected, although they were in line with the internal comparability of other represented units within the County of Boone.  Bargaining team members, Heather Creighton, Matthew Harling, Eugene Lanou, Jarret Loofboro, Chuck Shutz and Shane Whitehead were assisted by Field Representative Russell Vogt and Labor Council Atttorney, Jeffery Burke (orchestrating the arbitration hearing).  Congratulations to the bargaining team for the dedication and perseverence throughout the negotiations.