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By Becky Dragoo, Field Supervisor - Friday, March 22, 2013


Champaign City Officers and Sergeants have reached a new contract that increased FTO Pay, provided for the donation of sick leave for fellow officers and family members illness, added New Year's Day to the list of premium paid holidays, and increased salaries from between 2.0 and 3.0% in each of three years.  The new contract also includes provisions for mandatory post critical incident drug/alcohol testing, and a new "moving expense" bonus for any new hire moving in the City or existing employee who already resides in the City, but moves to a new location.  The negotiations were particularly challenging in the face of a total change in administration in the Police Department, promotions and critical incidents, but the team comprised of Jody Cherry, Jonathan Westfield, Nathan Rath, Christopher Young, and Mary Bunyard together with Labor Council Field Supervisor Becky Dragoo and General Counsel Tamara Cummings weaved their way to a successful settlement.