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By Kevin Krug, Field Supervisor - Friday, March 15, 2013


After negotiating a very long and complicated reorganization of the Willowbrook Police Department, sidestepping threats of layoffs and furloughs, and facilitating the severance agreements of four police commanders the Illinois FOP Labor Council was prepared to negotiate a contract for the one remaining sergeant left in the bargaining unit.  As this process was underway and nearing the point of interest arbitration, the Village questioned the legality of a one person bargaining unit further delaying the settlement of a contract.  An agreement was eventually reached to roll the rank of Sergeant into the Patrol Bargaining Unit.  This action necessitated the filing of a unit clarification, further delaying attainment of a deal at the bargaining table.

Through the persistence of local unit reps Tim Kobler, Robert Schaller and Arthur Svehla and the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council a deal was finally reached granting Willowbrook Sergeants (of which there is currently one) with all collective bargaining rights previously held only by patrol officers.  Additionally, sergeants will enjoy a minimum 13% wage differential over that of a top patrol officer.  Additional language guarantees sergeants a minimum percentage raise equal to or greater than that of patrol officers, which will ultimately, over time, expand the sergeant’s wage differential. 

Field Representative Keith Turney was quoted as saying; “These negotiations were some of most complicated discussions I have ever been involved in.  At every juncture the Village set before us a hurdle to overcome.  This was a struggle that I could not have handled alone and I am grateful for the assistance afforded me by my colleagues, from our public relations staff, to our legal staff and administrative support personnel.  A lesser union would have surrendered, rather then expend the time and cost to complete the battle.  Our Executive Board was behind us all the way, which was also very encouraging.  I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the efforts of Field Supervisor Kevin Krug, who ultimately sealed the final deal after we rolled the sergeant’s position into the patrol contract.  His insight into the nuances of the patrol unit which he represents was invaluable.”

As the entire contract expires on April 30, 2013 the struggle will commence once again.  Rest assured the Village of Willowbrook understands that the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council is not shy in the face adversity and will continue to represent its membership in a professional way.