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By Kevin Krug, Field Supervisor - Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The Glen Ellyn Patrol Officer's bargaining unit recently completed a new four-year agreement where improvements were negotiated in educational pay, investigator stipends, outside details and wages with an added Step.  The FOP Labor Council is very fortunate to have such a team assisting with the negotiations. This Team is very familiar with their Labor Agreement and have maintained good records during the years prior to these negotiations of provisions that needed to be addressed, with supporting documentation to support the change. They also have maintained information on the actions of the Village’s Board, including wage and compensation studies performed. These negotiations focused on the Employer previously stating employees should be at the sixty (60%) percentile of comparable municipalities. The team produced information to show that in fact, many Village employees had been moved to the 60% or above while the police officer was around the 40-45 percentiles. This research performed was very helpful in starting the process to the 60% as other Village staff members were placed. Bargaining team members James Munson, Tony Terranova, Mallory Scholpp, Keith Duval and David Scuito were assisted by Labor Council Field Supervisor Kevin Krug.