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By Keith Turney, Field Representative - Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The Woodford County Probation Officers completed negotiations that resulted in a minimum wage increase nearing 10% over the next four years. Junior employees will realize in excess of an 11.5% increase. Taking into account potential merit increases, these percentages can go as high as 12% to 14% over the life of the contract. Illinois FOP Labor Council Field Representative Keith Turney was quoted as saying: “The County of Woodford should truly be grateful for the dedication and professionalism of their Probation Officers, our members. Throughout negotiations our people were focused on raising the bar within their office in order to attract and retain quality employees. Our most senior officer was willing to take a lesser wage increase to better junior officers. Although we didn’t have to take such a drastic action, such self sacrifice convinced management of the need to increase wages within the office. Overall, negotiations were very cordial and I owe members Ron Reysen and Tyson Fouts my gratitude for their determination At the bargaining table.”